About Us

About Us

The story of

YellowFleet can be
divided into two time periods

The first society, formed in 1997 by four friends, emerged in response to the realization that they arrived about the shortage of companies that acted with professionalism and quality in the transport and moving market. The great conclusion was that the few existing companies did not keep up with the rising pace of civil construction.

In 2004, the four friends chose to pursue individual projects and, with that, the second moment in the life of our company, named YellowFleet, begins.

In 2005, with the economy and the market in decline, we redirected our efforts towards the acquisition of new vehicles and equipment, as well as training and specialization of our team. With this, we chose to carry out less work, but with the highest quality. It was thanks to the loyalty and satisfaction of our customers that we built our identity, being able to withstand the financial crisis and remaining strong in the constantly expanding market.

Currently, we are concentrating our efforts on three main structural axes of work: Transport, Logistics and Moving. We provide services for both the business and private sectors. Our solid logistical capacity, added to the international license, allows us to operate throughout the land area, with maximum security, rigor, organization and punctuality.

With the country's economic recovery, we continue to invest in increasing the fleet and in the qualification of our human capital, in order to maintain the high level of technical and material means in order to satisfy the needs of our customers.

What we do
  • National and international transport
  • Special cargo
  • Exterior lift
  • Private and business relocations
  • Logistics
  • Storage