Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

1. Who are we?

Yellow Fleet – Transportes E Mudações Unipessoal Lda, is a national and international transport and removals company; located in Rua D. Dinis, 88, 2560-150 – Ponte do Rol, Torres VedrasYou can contact us at the above address via Tel.: +351 – 261 326 379, or e-mail geral@yellowfleet.pt. Any question about the use of your personal data should be addressed to the contacts described above.


2. How do we use your personal data?

2.1 When you use our website
2.2 When you submit a form via our website


2.1 When you use our website

Whenever you use our website to search for services or view the information we provide, a series of cookies are used by us and by third parties to allow the website to function properly, to collect useful information about visitors and to help improve your experience. of user. Some of the cookies we use are absolutely necessary for our website to function. In the case of cookies that are useful but not absolutely necessary for the functioning of the website, we will always ask for your consent before using them.

For more information about the use of cookies, see our cookie policy.


2.2 When you submit a form via our website

When you submit a form through our website, we may ask you for information such as your name, phone number and email address. We use this information to best respond to your request and provide you with any requested information about our products and services. We may also send you email messages to assess your interest and ensure that we respond to your inquiry. We do all this based on our legitimate interest in providing the most accurate information possible. Your form is stored and processed as an email on our computers within the European Economic Area (EEA).

We do not use your information to make any automatic decisions that could impact your day-to-day life. We will keep the form email for two years. After this period, it will be archived and kept for seven years; at the end of the stipulated time, it will be definitely eliminated.


3. Your rights as a data owner

By law, you can ask us what information we collect about you and you can ask us to correct it if it is inaccurate. We always ask for your consent to process your personal data and you can withdraw that consent at any time. You have the right to ask us to suspend the processing of your personal data for a period of time if you believe that we are not doing so lawfully. Finally, in some specific circumstances, you can ask us not to automatically process your data.

To submit a request regarding your personal data, you may do so by e-mail or by post, to the address and e-mail indicated at the beginning of this document, section 1. Who we are


4. Right of complaint

If you have a complaint about the processing of your personal data, we prefer that you contact us directly (via email or post) so that we can resolve your issue. However, it is also possible to contact the National Data Protection Commission through the website at https://www.cnpd.pt/ or to the adress: Comissão Nacional de Protecção de Dados, Av. D. Carlos I, 134, 1º – 1200-651 Lisboa


5. Updates to this Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy is reviewed annually and, if applicable, is updated as our services and data processing evolve. If we intend to use your personal data in a way that we have not previously identified in this document, we will contact you to provide information about this use and, if necessary, ask for your consent.

We will update the version number and date of this document whenever it changes.

* Latest update – 9 de Setembro de 2022